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YUNNAN OPEN UNIVERSITY       Yunnan Open University is one of six national construction of the pilot open universities under the approval of China's stat council, following National Open...

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    (a group photo with the guest from Lampang Rajabhat University)  Invited by Mr. Luo Ji, vice president of Yunnan Open  University, Ms. Bussayagornt, assistant-president of Lampang Rajabhat University, came to visit our university on 28th October, 2012.  Commissioned by Mr. Luo Ji, assistant-president of YNOU, Mr. Lin Yanfang met Ms. Bussayagornt in the  Distance Education Building on Xuefu campus of our university.  At the meeting Mr. Lin extended warm welcome to Ms. Bussayagornt and introduced some information about our university such as development prospect,...


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